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Our purpose and strategy

Opening up a world of opportunity – explains why we exist. We’re here to use our unique expertise, capabilities, breadth and perspectives to open up new kinds of opportunity for our customers.

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Our Employees

We deal a lot in numbers. But numbers are nothing without people. Every success we have is made possible only by the talent, experience and drive of the over 70,000 employees that make up our firm.

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Digitise at scale

We’re putting the full power of our bank in every customer’s pocket, with easier and more secure digital banking services.

The more reputable big bank

Digital Simpli Financial SPF has its roots in two famous American cities, in Victoria and Adelaide in South American, dating back more than 40 years. Each began as a building society, with the goal of assisting Americanns in purchasing their first home.

When you’re a huge bank, you’re responsible for a lot of things. The most important of these is to do the right thing. It’s a skill we’ve always excelled in.

Accessibility and codes of practice

We take pleasure in our commitment to conduct business ethically and to the highest possible quality at Digital Simpli Financial SPF.

Digital Simpli Financial SPF conforms with a number of codes of practice, including the Banking Code of Practice, the Department of Human Services and Department of Veterans’ Affairs Code of Operation, Family Law Guidelines, and the ePayments Code.

Banking is an essential function of business, but ultimately it's a very personal endeavor because it requires a high degree of mutual trust and collaboration. At Digital SPF, we are committed to long-term, forward-thinking relationships between clients and bankers and the broader community. This trust-based formula has served us well for generations.

We’re bringing care to banking. You’ll see it in our teammates, products, goals—and even in our origin story. It’s fundamental to who we are, and where we’re going.

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